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Learn about the Group Benefits for Pensioners Plan and other resources available to retired members of The United Church of Canada.

Please read the Benefits for Pensioners: Summary of Coverage, for the main features of group benefits plan for pensioners.

Please refer to the Group Benefits FAQ page, under Opting Out.

People who opted out of an employer’s retiree health and dental benefit plan before December 11, 2023, and cannot opt back in under the plan rules, are eligible for the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). Anyone who chooses to opt out after this date will not be eligible.

Please refer to the newsroom post for more details.

Group Benefits Plans 2022 – Retiree Health and Dental: The proposal that the General Council Executive passed at their September 2021 meeting.

Decisions about Benefits for Retirees: A letter from the General Secretary, Michael Blair, that outlined discussions and decisions about benefits for retirees of the United Church.

Pensioner payroll change to TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks):

  • The first letter from the Benefits Centre informing pensioners about the change to the processing of pension payments - from RBC Investor and Treasury Services to TELUS Health.
  • The second mailing in June was divided into three letters depending on where you are currently residing:
    1. Canadian resident
    2. Overseas resident with overseas payments
    3. Overseas resident with Canadian payment

    The second communication from the Benefits Centre was mailed the week of June 15, with more information on T4As for the 2022 year, and about the Web portal - which will be available to all in October 2023 but will be optional. Just a reminder, there is nothing for you, as a pensioner, to do on your end.

    Three versions of the letter were mailed - depending on your current location. If you have not received this communication by the end of the month, please e-mail pension@united-church.ca or phone the Benefits Centre at 1-855-647-8222 to ensure they have the correct address on file.

In addition to Green Shield Canada’s Customer Service Centre, they also provide access to their secure website. Self-service through the GSC website makes things quick, convenient, and easy. Register with GSC to

  • view your Benefit Plan Booklet
  • access your claims history, including a breakdown of how your claims were processed
  • check your eligibility and coverage for health services or items to instantly find out what portion of a claim will be covered
  • submit claims online (some claims can even be processed instantly if you are signed up for direct deposit)
  • search for a drug to get information specific to your own coverage (or coverage for your family)
  • search for GSC-vetted health providers in a particular location (within Canada) that will submit your claims for you
  • arrange for claim payments to be deposited directly into your bank account
  • print personalized claim forms and access your digital ID card
  • print personal Explanation of Benefits statements for when you need to co-ordinate benefits

The current rates are posted on the Pension and Benefits Deduction page.

Information can be found on the Pension Plan page.

Out-of-Province Emergency Treatment is covered (inside Canada only), but there is no out-of-country emergency medical coverage.

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