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We are not alone . . .

Indeed, we live in God's world, with each other. When we pool our resources and share our risks, our defined benefit pension plan and our group life and health plans allow us to stand together, to care for each other, and to provide for the needs of ourselves and our families. Thanks be to God!

The United Church of Canada Benefits Centre
We are the team at the General Council Office of The United Church of Canada who administer the pension and the benefit plans of The United Church of Canada. We report to the governors of the plans.

Member Resources

Get access to helpful tools and resources with your membership of The Pension Plan of The United Church of Canada

My Pension Plan

Learn about the benefits, accountability, and initiatives of The Pension Plan of The United Church of Canada.
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Group Benefits

Learn about health, dental, and life insurance benefits as well as various programs available to members.
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Learn about the Group Benefits for Pensioners Plan and other resources available to retired members of The United Church of Canada.
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Document Library

Get access to all Member forms and resources.
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Employer Resources

Find out how you can bring the resources and benefits of The Pension Plan of The United Church of Canada to your employees

ADP Payroll Support

Get information about how the ADP Service provider processes your payroll.
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Becoming an Organizational / Conditional Employer

Learn about eligibility and how to enroll in becoming an Organizational or Conditional Employer.
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Pension & Benefits Deductions

Get assistance with budgeting and to learn more about the deductions from your pension income, core and optional benefits.
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