Webinars and Additional Information Available during COVID-19

May 27, 2020

Canada Life is offering several free webinars and tools to help support plan members during the pandemic.

Resources to Help Support Well-Being Webinars

There’s a need for financial- and mental-health resources that support members during these changing times. That’s why Canada Life is offering Resources to support your well-being. These free and informative webinars are open to any plan members with Canada Life. They’ll be hosted by Canada Life in partnership with the Credit Counselling Society and Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. You can also join if you’re interested in attending:

These webinars will be offered as Microsoft Teams Live events. Presentations will take up to an hour and you’ll be able to submit questions through the Q&A feature. If you plan to join one on your mobile device, make sure you’ve downloaded the Teams app before clicking the link that lets you join.   

Flatten your Anxiety Curve Webinar

If you missed the May 4th webinar, "May the 4th be With You – Flatten your Anxiety Curve," you can still check it out! Questions and tips about coping with the reality of life in the time of COVID-19 were covered during this webinar. The webinar is available in English only. This is a Microsoft Teams Live event. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Teams app before launching the webinar.

Visual Reminders to Care for Mental Health

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health has created seven posters to help members care for their mental well-being. The posters are available for download and use for your organization’s mental health awareness, psychological health and safety campaigns or related initiatives. It’s also encouraged to use them in your home. Check out more supporting resources on the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health website.

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