Embracing You – A Journey of Self-Discovery

June 28, 2023

Everyone is unique – we all have qualities that make up the very fabric of who we are as people. Through talents and traits, we all revel in our triumphs in diverse ways. In other words, how you view your own success is up to you. So, are you ready to cultivate your strengths to enhance your overall wellbeing?

Self-care takes many forms and finding what works best for you is the key to putting your best self forward. In this campaign, our experts will lead you through comprehensive practices in prioritizing and investing in yourself. From building stronger connections with others to exploring creativity and the power of positivity, you will unlock personal strengths to elevate your own growth and development.

On July 19th at 12:00 p.m. ET the Ask the Expert web chat will provide you Self-Care Tips to Boost Your Performance and Reduce Stress.

Check out your LifeSpeak platform now! Log in using the Group Account option. The password is "wellness".

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