A Day In The Life: The cost of wellbeing for Black identifying individuals

February 8, 2022

On February 24 at 12:00 p.m. EST, LifeWorks would like to invite you to their Black History Month event. In alignment with this year’s theme – Black Health and Wellbeing – this one-hour session, entitled “A Day In The Life: The cost of wellbeing for Black identifying individuals” will explore many themes around the health and wellness systems, external environment, self-care and their impact on Black health.

This webinar will be hosted by Paula Allen, Global Leader, Research and Total Wellbeing, with speakers Dr. Joseph Smith and Michelle Gardner.

Dr. Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith is a PhD. His doctorate is in the Humanities and encompasses key notions amongst the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and literature with a focus on the philosophies of self-consciousness within the west and the intellectual background of black consciousness. He is a qualified elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educator and the current Vice Principal of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute; co-founder of the non-profit organization Generation Chosen which seeks to interrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma and poverty; a former project coordinator for the Black Experience Project housed/funded by Environics Research Institute; a facilitator and consultant in the area of Anti-Black Racism and Emotional health at Life Works; sits on the board of Operation Black Vote Canada as the Director of Youth Outreach; and is a founding member of the Foundation for Black Communities which is a non-profit organization.

Michelle Gardner
Michelle has actively worked in the local community for more than 20 years, spearheading local programs. Her community experience includes being a facilitator of an adult literacy program, a director for youth programs, a women's community group instructor, and a conference speaker. She holds a bachelor's in theology, is a registered clinical counselor, and has a life coach certification. In tandem with her community activities, Michelle is a successful Corporate Communications and Events Planner with 11 years of experience working for a global logistics company managing large and small events, vetting keynote speakers, and planning executive c-suite level workshops. Her corporate portfolio included:

  • Managing partner sponsorship agreements.
  • Allocating funds to charitable organizations.
  • Organized onsite company-sponsored activities across Canada, including the highly esteemed Grey Cup event.

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